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One-Minute Mindfulness is designed to help you get the most out of this next minute! It includes 50 simple, life enhancing ways for participating in this precious minute.

Its five sections are organzied to seamlessly integrate one-minute mindfulness into your day and life:

One-Minute Mindfulness for Home and Play

Have fun exploring chapters such as Morning Awakens, First Taste, Last Taste, and Playtime for the Soul.

One-Minute Mindfulness for Work and Creativity

Chapters to enhance work include De-stress Your Inner Space, Unleash Creativity, and Escape the Perfectionism Trap, among others.

One-Minute Mindfulness for Relationships and Love

Learn how to build relationships with Saying Hello with Love, Trust and Transparency, and Opening the Heart.

One-Minute Mindfulness for Health and Well-Being

Your inner health and ease will expand with Be the Pebble, Full Presence, and At Peace with Desire.

One-Minute Mindfulness for Nature, Spirituality, and Contemplation

Explore new clarity and meaning with Finding Silence, Pray for What You Already Have, and Know Your Seasons.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live each moment with a deep sense of ease, peace, clarity, and exciting possibility? These four little words can truly change your experience of life in the next sixty seconds.

For many years, Donald Altman's books, counseling practice, and workshops have helped thousands of individuals win freedom from suffering caused by depression and anxiety and stress.

Now, he is sharing with you the secret to a new state of being. It's a state of ease, joy, and clarity he calls, "the power of now with attitude."

It will allow you to see things in a whole new way. But there's a catch-- You can't do it tomorrow. It can only be done now.

Donald Altman, M.A., LPC

One-Minute Mindfulness is the antidote to "future think" and "memory chains"-- the ingrained habits of thinking that steal away the only time you really have. These take you out of your life, your body, and out of this precious moment.

One-minute mindfulness is nothing less than opening to each unfolding minute as if it were the most important time of your life.

Take a look for yourself at Intro and Chapter 1. Each chapter is short and designed to immerse you in this next treasured minute.

Don't let another wasted minute to pass you by. Tap into the ease and flow that are already waiting for you.

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